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Why Pancakes Are A Good Choice For Breakfast

Most of us know sugary cereal is not the best way to start the day, and a full English has more calories than we need first thing in the morning, but did you know that having a plate of pancakes could actually be a good choice for breakfast?

Of course, if you cover them with huge quantities of butter and syrup, you might not reap as many health rewards, but there are still some benefits to eating pancakes for your first meal of the day.

Live Strong recognises: “Pancakes are a hearty breakfast food, providing a high quantity of carbohydrates and a range of vitamins and minerals.”

How much fat, sugar, salt, or carbohydrates they contain really depends on what flour is used and what toppings you serve with them.

However, a typical plate of pancakes alone has 221 calories and 8.1g of protein, which is between 14.4 per cent and 17.6 per cent of the recommended daily intake.

It also provides 20 per cent of the suggested daily dose of phosphorous and 18 per cent of calcium, improving bone health. Iodine, riboflavin, vitamin C, thiamine, vitamin B6, niacin, vitamin B12, magnesium, zinc, copper, and iron are also found in a pancake breakfast.

Healthy Eating SF Gate notes that pancakes are a great source of iron, with wholewheat ones providing 3mg in one serving, which is up to 38 per cent of daily iron intake. This can help boost immunity and keep you energised.

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