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Film’s Most Famous Diners

The American diner is recognised worldwide as one of the most iconic staples of American history, but what is it that makes this American restaurant so famous?

The answer likely lies in the fact that America has left lasting imprints on western culture. American television, film and music are consumed globally and Hollywood took the world by storm.

Therefore, parts of American culture, such as the diner, became well-known and recognisable through the screen and the popularity of this style of eatery began to grow.

In honour of film and the role it plays in impacting culture worldwide, here are some of the most famous diners in film history.

The Back to the Future films are some of the most loved and enjoyed films in the world. Funny, futuristic and full of 80s charm, these films have been loved for almost 40 years now.

Lou’s Diner is a fan-favourite from the films and perfectly captures what an authentic 50’s American Diner was all about.

Everyone has seen Grease. The musical numbers mixed with 50s charm make it an enjoyable watch and it has been a hit for generations. The iconic costumes, songs add even settings in this film are what make it so fantastic.

And what's a 50s film without a classic diner scene? The diner from Grease is as legendary as the film itself and everyone who enjoyed the film likely found themselves craving a burger and milkshake from this staple spot.

Pulp Fiction is and remains a cultural icon and even today this film is celebrated as one of the best of all time. Action-packed and dramatic with just the right amount of humour, this film is loved by many.

The famous diner scene in Pulp Fiction leaves the diner in rough shape after a dramatic shootout robbery, but it’s still one of films most famous and recognisable diners.

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