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Would You Try An AI-Generated Cocktail?

The inspiration for cocktail recipes can come from many different places, from political campaigns to pranks, but one of the strangest places a cocktail can come from is from a digital mind that could never taste it.

With artificial intelligence able to generate somewhat bizarre images and answers to questions thanks to tools such as ChatGPT, people started to wonder if it could be used to create original recipes.

One TikTok user by the name of Mob decided to test the concept for themselves, asking an AI tool to create a cocktail recipe based solely on the name Burning Inferno.

The resulting concoction was effectively a vodka margarita (or a kamikaze) with vodka, lime juice and triple sec mixed with Tabasco sauce and jalapeno slices for the fiery kick worthy of the words “Burning” and “Inferno”.

The TikTok influencer who made it liked it, which is to be expected given how it is little more than a spicy vodka margarita. However, another attempt to make an AI cocktail was a lot more mixed.

The ominously named “Granny’s Revenge” has brandy, sherry and port, mixed with lime juice, lavender syrup, butterscotch liqueur and Angostura bitters.

The results are far less appealing, with the host of Mob describing the taste as akin to the melted sweets found at the bottom of a grandma’s handbag, probably not helped by the sickly-sweet butterscotch floated on top.

This highlights that whilst someone can ask an AI to make a cocktail based on machine learning algorithms, how it will turn out in practice can be mixed, to say the least, as the AI would not know how each ingredient tastes in relation to the rest of the drink.

Ultimately, if you are in the mood for a unique taste, come to our cocktail bar in Stirling and chat with one of our mixologists who can use their expertise to find the perfect drink for your palette.

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