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Why American Style Diners Are So Popular

We’ve all seen the films, an old American diner piled with teenagers all enjoying sky-high milkshakes with a cherry on top and waffles that make you drool just by looking at them. But why are American diners so popular? What is it that makes them great?

Perhaps it’s the novelty. When you’ve grown up seeing these diners in all their glory on screen, what could be better than visiting one yourself and getting to live that experience. Being able to visit a diner and treat yourself to a whipped cream topped shake and some pancakes sounds like the best way to treat yourself ever.

The glamour of diners is also attractive. While they may seem like a typical cafe, full of coffee spills and bacon grease, there’s something so fascinating about the chrome-topped tables and silver napkin dispensers that just screams Hollywood.

Feeling like you’re part of a film set is what makes it so enjoyable. There’s nothing in the UK that quite compares, which is why the market for American style diners is so great. Everyone enjoys the experience and you’ll always leave with your belly full and a smile on your face.

Diners are also a staple of American culture. In such a fast-moving environment, diners were often the go-to place for working people, where they were guaranteed a good meal and fast service at a reasonable price, so ensuring they remain accessible is key and is part of the reason they are still so popular to this day.

Anything shiny, fun and novel is always going to attract crowds and the influence of American culture is strong everywhere in the world, so bringing a little piece of the USA to us is such a treat. Even if you don’t fancy the fun, you’ll stay for the milkshake.

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