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What Makes The Perfect Cheeseburger?

Everyone’s had a cheeseburger, but not everyone has had the perfect cheeseburger. Nothing can beat that first bite of the most scrumptious, juicy and flavourful burger you’ve ever had. American restaurants seem to get it right every time and it's because they have nailed the perfect formula.

A burger wouldn’t be a burger without, well, the burger! The patty is the centre of this delicious sandwich so ensuring you are using top-quality meat that is seasoned to perfection and cooked through with just the right amount of sear will make for a glorious bite.

Next is the cheese. Now, the obvious choice would be American cheese… that’s what makes it so great, right? Wrong! Although American cheese is the perfect combination of plasticky processed melted goodness, a really good cheeseburger needs something a bit stronger.

Cheddar is a great contender, especially when combined with some mozzarella to give it some gooey, stretchy pulls. It also has a great flavour, so every bite will be as cheesy as the last.

And now we can start with the toppings. Obviously, we need to add some pickles into the mix. They provide the perfect amount of crunch and tang, helping to cut through the richness of the cheese to give you a flavour sensation.

Greenery is optional, as are tomatoes and other salad additions. Some might argue, however, that one topping has to make an appearance… and that’s bacon!

What burger wouldn’t be made better with bacon? Salty, smoky and crispy. Looks like meat’s back on the menu!

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