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How To Enjoy Some Festive Fun And Joy In Stirling

With Christmas fast approaching, Stirling will be joining the rest of Scotland in putting up the bunting, raising the Christmas trees and getting the turkeys ready for Christmas.

Visitors may be wondering what seasonal delights will be on offer in the city at this time. The good news is there are plenty. The other issue that will come to mind is where to eat in Stirling.

The second question is one that we can handle ourselves with our varied and tasty menu, helping add to the enjoyment of your visit. But the first has some very enticing answers.

Stirling’s cultural calendar is packed at any time of year, but in the run-up to Christmas the highlights will include an afternoon Christmas Ceilidh for all the family on December 10th. If you have not experienced this lively form of Scottish line dancing, you are in for a treat.

Another great thing about a ceilidh is that it will burn off a lot of calories, so if you are worried about adding on a few pounds at this time of year, you can have the heartiest of lunches with us and still not have to worry.

Stirling Castle is a popular visitor attraction at any time of year, but at Christmas it is offering events such as performances of the play A Christmas Carol, based on the Charles Dickens novel, held from December 16th-18th, while Carols at the Castle take place on December 20th.

There are also events at the Castle not related to Christmas but still commencing in December, such as the ‘Mid Century Modern’ exhibition that runs from December 14th until March next year. It focuses on the influences that shaped Scottish architecture in the middle of the 20th century.

Of course, many will visit Stirling chiefly for its older history and buildings. But it is also a place to enjoy a timeless taste of Christmas with dance, theatre and carols, all accompanied by some excellent food.

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