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How To Enjoy Eating Out With Kids

Going out with dinner when you have children can, let’s face it, be somewhat stressful, whether you have a toddler who throws food on the floor, young kids who can’t sit still, or teenagers who spend the evening in a grump. But it doesn’t have to be difficult, trust us!

1) Pick food they’ll like

Ok, so you might find it tricky finding something they’ll eat if you take them to a Michelin-starred restaurant. However, burger joints, Italian diners or pizza places will, most likely, have something they’ll tuck into without causing a fuss.

2) Prepare for hangry kids

Hungry children are irritable and more unwilling to sit still and eat, which is why Forbes suggests ordering some nibbles straight away that you know your little ones will tuck into.

“Tell the manager or waiter to get something to nibble on to the table immediately – bread and butter, Mexican chips, Chinese noodles. Kids’ blood sugar levels cause them to be cranky if not fed when hunger strikes,” it states.

3) Look up menu beforehand

As the experience will be much more pleasurable if you order, eat and finish up as quickly as you can without getting indigestion, it is wise to look up the menu online beforehand. Even if you have to negotiate with the kids about what they’re eating, at least you won’t have to choose your meal in a stressful rush to get the food out as quickly as possible.

4) Bring activities

The more you bring with you to keep them entertained, the better. Colouring in books, cards, small puzzles, games and reading books can all help to keep them engaged for a few minutes, as their attention span doesn’t last long when they’re little.

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