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Americas Most Popular Breakfast: Pancakes

If you walk into any American diner you'll find yourself viewing a breakfast menu that has countless items, some may vary from diner to diner and state to state, but one item you'll find almost anywhere is pancakes.

Pancakes are a staple, we see them in many movies and tv shows and if you visit the states you’ll be hard-pressed to find somewhere that doesn’t serve the delicious, fluffy breakfast food. But why are pancakes so popular?

There is a difference between American pancakes and those you'll find being served up on Shrove Tuesday in the UK. Ours are usually thin and crepe-like and doused in sugar and lemon juice, however, in America you'll find stacks of delicious, fluffy bouncy pancakes topped with almost anything you can imagine.

The main reason pancakes became so popular in the US is that they were so easy to make. Most households always had access to the basics, eggs flour and milk, and so pancakes became a common household food simply due to ease and availability.

So now a trip to an American restauraunt will mean you’re sure to get pancakes for breakfast. An inexpensive, quick and always tasty option. Diners are seen more as a novelty these days, however, that doesn’t mean the passion for pancakes has disappeared.

With new restaurants and delivery services popping up as time passed, many establishments now serve only breakfast foods, such as pancakes!

Something that was once popular due to ease is now popular simply as it has been a staple for so long and people are able to access a delicious range of pancakes almost anywhere they go.

From strawberry and cream-topped towers of delight to crisped bacon and maple syrup stacks. You can even get pancakes with fried chicken! Breakfast is not an all-day affair and pancakes are here to stay.

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